Duke of Edinburgh Award

I thought you might like to see some of the feedback from the young people in your room:

“Steve Hill was an incredibly inspiring yet humble man who encouraged me to think that anything is possible!!”

“A very inspirational person! It was nice to hear stories of someone else’s success and the way he spoke about us and what he did was inspirational! I would definitely recommend having him come again. Thoroughly enjoyed listening to what he had to say”

“Again, just very inspirational, very engaging and amazing stories!! Will be very disappointed to not see a book called ‘What’s next Sir?’ about all the incredible adventures he’s had and the children that have inspired him”

“Stephen Hill was a very inspiring man and a very engaging speaker. I thoroughly enjoyed his talk and liked hearing about the interactions with his class of students and all the impressive challenges he has completed.”

“Steve Hill did an excellent job and his speech was very motivating and informative and inspirational”

“I thought he was very inspiring and able to get his message across really well. He talked about the type of things we need to hear as we embark upon our careers and future lives. I will refer to his past experiences whenever I am struggling and remember that anything is possible if you just have the right mind set.”

“Steve Hill – what an inspiration to us all, he was amazing, having someone who had done challenges of a similar natural and more was breathtaking, he understood what it was like to actually be in our position and achieve personal goals”


This is some of the most incredible feedback that we have received, and I hope that it makes your visit worthwhile. We would love to invite you to a presentation again in the future, if your school will let you come!


Have a wonderful Easter.


With best wishes,



Rebecca Birks

Event Manager


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