Steve Hill is a very inspiring man, who manages to positively influence large numbers of young people. Steve's message is real, and very much lived; he undertakes immense physical challenges, then shares his experiences with large numbers of young people.  In the past year I have seen him speak to an audience of several hundred Army Cadets, and on another occasion I have seen him speak at a local school - a talk which was  filmed as part of an initiative to encourage positive behaviour.  Steve's energy and ability to inspire are exceptional.  He raises large amounts of money for charity, has formed his own charitable trust, and he is a superb role model to his own pupils - who clearly love him, and to young people across the region.  

Colonel Neil Jurd

Royal Military Academy Sandhurst

Steve is a very well regarded and experienced Deputy Head Teacher at a Primary School in Shaw, Oldham. He is also a very keen amateur sportsman, this background equips him to be able to pitch his presentations at an appropriate level. He can link his delivery with appropriate curriculum material and key milestones in a school year.

However, it is not school or sport that is the main topic of Steve’s inspirational talks. Steve has for the last 10 years raised in excess of £100,000 for local charities, taking part in extreme challenges such as Ultra Marathons, Treks through the Sahara Desert and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, often putting his life in danger whilst he does this.

Why does he do this?
In a sentence, to inspire the next generation.

As a speaker/presenter Steve shares with his audience his experience and his challenges, this is supported by fantastic photographs and videos of him taking part. He describes to the audience the preparation he does to be as fit as possible, to be challenge ready, the mind-set he gets into when he is facing extreme conditions i.e. fatigue, weather, altitude and hypothermia. He shares his mantra #dreambig
#icanandiwill #nevergiveup and #believeyoucan.

The presentations are extremely well compiled, he captures people’s imaginations. He regards his experience climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, trekking through the Sahara Desert, completing the North Pole Marathon, The Amazon Jungle Ultra and most recently scaling the highest mountain the North Africa to name but a few.

It is not just an account of the challenge but there is always an underlining message ‘This could be you’.

Steve is an extremely charismatic, down to earth character. I have heard him speak to primary children, secondary children, adult audiences, prize presentations and recently he was asked to do a motivational speech for a professional football team. His pitch is always spot on! His audiences come away humble and motivated. I am delighted to recommend him to you.

Lorna Philip

Assistant Principal

In the time I have known Steve Hill, he has undertaken many challenges that few would even consider, never mind take part in.  Following on from this, he truly inspires everyone he meets, especially his year 6 students in his class each year.

Steve became one of our Gold Award Presenters, undertaking this role at St James’s Palace last year, to share his inspirational challenges to recipients of The Duke of Edinburgh's Gold Award.  The feedback we received from this was a true reflection on what an inspiration Steve is and his ‘can do’ attitude.  Having also presented at Holyrood House Palace in Edinburgh in the Summer, we have again asked him to present back at St James’s Palace next week having completed his latest challenge of climbing Mount Toubkal.   I would have no hesitation in recommending Steve to present, inspire and motivate you with his remarkable and humble story of his challenges.

Pamela Sleigh, Operations Officer

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

I was at the Health Champions meeting last week and was absolutely amazed by your presentation, as were the children I took along with me. You were so inspiring, not just for young people but for the adults in the room too! The messages you delivered to everyone were loud and clear and fit in exactly with what we are working on as school, as I'm sure are many other schools, but you made it so real! I had a lump in my throat for most of it, your passion and determination are unique. I just wanted to get in touch and thank you for speaking to us all. I left that room last week feeling changed and have told so many people about you since, not just at school but at home too.

You are such a special person Steve and every school really needs to hear your message! I'd love to invite you into school if you could spare the time and there are so many opportunities I could invite you in for, but I've had a great idea! If you're interested in spending a morning with us in February (and if you're able to leave school for a few hours) we are having a themed week called 'Dream Big' where the children will be thinking about their aspirations and how to make them real. Your presentation really fits in so well with what I want to achieve for that week! Also, our Year 6 class will be working on their topic called 'Frozen Kingdom' which is largely about explorers. I wondered if you could hit two birds with one stone possibly kick start our themed week off with an assembly and then work with year 6 for an hour to present to them about your 'exploring' experience? I know you're a class teacher and it might be difficult to leave Year 6 but I really want you to share your experiences with our children!

Please let me know if you're interested and if you'd be able to join us for a few hours!

Once again, thank you so much for being so inspirational, I could have listened to you all day!


Greenacres Primary School

 “Steve Hill was an incredibly inspiring yet humble man who encouraged me to think that anything is possible!!”

“A very inspirational person! It was nice to hear stories of someone else’s success and the way he spoke about us and what he did was inspirational! I would definitely recommend having him come again. Thoroughly enjoyed listening to what he had to say”

“Again, just very inspirational, very engaging and amazing stories!! Will be very disappointed to not see a book called 'What's next Sir?' about all the incredible adventures he's had and the children that have inspired him”

“Stephen Hill was a very inspiring man and a very engaging speaker. I thoroughly enjoyed his talk and liked hearing about the interactions with his class of students and all the impressive challenges he has completed.”

Steve Hill did an excellent job and his speech was very motivating and informative and inspirational”

“I thought he was very inspiring and able to get his message across really well. He talked about the type of things we need to hear as we embark upon our careers and future lives. I will refer to his past experiences whenever I am struggling and remember that anything is possible if you just have the right mind set.”

Steve Hill - what an inspiration to us all, he was amazing, having someone who had done challenges of a similar natural and more was breathtaking, he understood what it was like to actually be in our position and achieve personal goals”

This is some of the most incredible feedback that we have received, and I hope that it makes your visit worthwhile.

Rebecca Birks, Events Manager

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

Steve is able to motivate and engage any young person through his ability to share his countless and wonderful adventures.  He is through the power of his images able to inspire someone to see that they really can achieve anything that they set their mind to.  He has a wonderful way to bring humour in through the simple routine of the countless adventures that is so endearing.

Nahla Summers

Transformative Coach | Speaker | Writer

As a school, we were holding a hero and heroines’ day. I immediately thought of Steve as the ultimate hero! Steve kindly agreed to visit our school despite the fact that it was his half-term holiday. He delivered an inspirational and utterly gripping assembly to the whole of Key Stage 2 (over 200 children) which lasted for approximately an hour. Every single child in the room was spellbound. Steve told them all about his intrepid adventures but constantly reiterated how important perseverance is.

His message was very clear - that anything is
possible, with hard work and determination. His motto resonated with staff and children alike and they all left with the idea that if you dream big, you can, and you will. So much so that one teacher, after having been inspired by Steve’s motivational presentation, has booked herself on the Manchester Marathon in April 2020. She was particularly taken by how he described how he always runs his own race and is only in competition with himself. Steve is a truly inspirational, kind-hearted and motivational speaker and we can not wait for him to return to our school to hear of his latest charitable adventures!

Emma Openshaw

St Thomas of Canterbury RC Primary School, Bolton

Our 6th form and Year 10 Duke of Edinburgh students had the pleasure of meeting Steve Hill MBE who kindly took time to speak about his experiences as an ultra marathon runner. Steve Hill MBE is a teacher by day and does all of his ultra marathons or training in his own time and the holidays. He has raised an incredible amount of money for charity over the years and was strikingly humble about his accomplishments. Steve Hill MBE comes across as an ordinary man who has done extraordinary things! Thank you to Mr Hill, who has inspired the students to push beyond their comfort zone and reach to their aspirations, whatever that may be!

Mr D Browne

DoE Manager, Hazel Grove High School

Steve is indeed a great inspiration to all children and people that he meets.
He is our community hero but also the town’s hero, he has gone above and beyond to help those
in need, especially children not only in our town but in other countries too.
A truly inspirational man!

Councillor Ginny Alexander

Mayor of Oldham 2019-21

We had the pleasure of Steve Hill visiting our school to speak to Years 7-10. What an inspirational man that everybody in the theatre could learn something from. His attitude of dreaming big and aiming high is what every pupil and member of staff at Hollingworth Academy should aspire to do. As he said, "Don't be put off by the doubters or the knockers who say you can't! Turn I can't into I can and you can achieve anything". The charity work that Steve is doing in Uganda and locally is exceptional.... Good luck Steve in your next adventure.

Hollingworth Academy

I write with great admiration of Steven Hill MBE, who is a Deputy Head in a Primary School in Greater Manchester with an extraordinary story. This coupled with his passion and dedication to supporting others is what has left a lasting memory upon our academy.

At Wise Owl Trust we are advocates of Character Education and teach our children the character behaviour traits of Resilience, Empathy, Self-Awareness, Positivity, Excellence and Teamwork through the life stores of inspirational people. Through Steve’s remarkable adventures across the globe, we asked him to speak to our whole school community. Steve was more than willing and gave up his own time to do this. His stories and the lessons he shared with us had a great impact on children and staff alike. Staff were inspired and it gave them personally new goals to set. The children were heard saying things like ‘when can Steve come back?’ and ‘Can we go on an adventure with Steve?’

Steve takes time to stay in touch with the academy and can even remember the names of some of our children showing his dedication and care.
The truly commendable part of Steve’s devotion to helping others, especially through his charity work, is that he expects nothing in return. It really is done as a selfless act.

Throughout Lockdown, Steve has continued to support a number of vulnerable families. His days when he is not in school, are spent picking up prescriptions and shopping, and generally being a support to those that need it. In my eyes, a complete and utter ‘unsung hero.’ As an Executive Principal, I know the pressures on leaders within schools at the moment, however this has not stopped Steve or indeed slowed him down!

I have been a head teacher for over 10 years and I can truly say that I have never met anyone as selfless as Steve. I would recommend him for any and every award to congratulate him on his amazing achievements over the years.

When Steve gets his own downtime is a question that I often ask myself, but the conclusion I have reached is that he doesn’t! Instead he gives his time to others.

Sophie Murfin, Executive Principal

Wise Owl Trust

Mr Hill is the most inspirational teacher I have ever met. Having taught both my daughters I feel well placed to comment on this. It is amazing how he influences the attitude and belief of the children he teaches, which results in their strive to reach their optimal potential as they develop as young people! Keep on changing lives Mr Hill.

Columba Urey BSc MBACP

Head of Wellbeing & Psychotherapist

We have used Steve as an inspiration speaker for 2 occasions in the last 12 months, including the Oldham Health Champions and the Oldham Sports Awards. Each event had a completely different audience, but on each, he had the audience completely gripped throughout.

The stories that Steve has to offer are phenomenal and leave the audience wowed at his
accomplishments. He is a true inspiration and thrives on motivating others.
I would highly recommend Steve to anyone who is looking for an inspiration speaker.

Anna Shiels

Oldham Sports Development

One of the single most important things that we can do in our lifetime is encourage children and young people to follow their dreams.

When you ask a child what they want to be, they respond saying an astronaut or superhero! They don’t see the limits. All too often, as they grow up, adults around them show them that these dreams aren’t possible - Steve Hill is the exception to that rule!

Steve’s inspiring focus on helping children to achieve their full potential in life is inspirational to say the least. Engaging young people in his charity challenges instils the value of giving back to the wider world in these children throughout their formative years. He’s an example to so many for how we can build a better future.

Lawrence Jones MBE

CEO, UK Fast